NOIR’s Yunsung gets just probation for strangling ex-gf & threatening her with a knife

It was reported yesterday that an active idol that was a former contestant on Broduce 101 had received just two years probation (one year in prison if violated) and 80 hours community service for assaulting and threatening his ex-girlfriend (and trespassing). Today, it was revealed that the individual in question is NOIR‘s Yunsung.

In particular, around October of last year, A was found to have broken into victim B’s house via the veranda, when B, who was his girlfriend at the time, refused to meet with him. As B tried to escape, A wrapped his hands around B’s neck and dragged her to the inside of the living, threatening her with a knife from the kitchen and forcing B to continue meeting with him.  However, when A refused the request, B estranged her and screamed. When a neighbor rang B’s doorbell, A held up the knife and forced B to stay silent.

The decision of the judge in particular seemed to be particularly bad in terms of rationale for probation.

“The victim seems to have suffered great shock and pain and the defendant has not been forgiven by the victim. We considered that the defendant has confessed to the crime, which appears to have been impulsive, and that he was a first-time offender with no criminal record.”

Well yeah it was impulsive, that’s what makes it insane and dangerous. It’s not even just the violence itself that’s concerning but the type of violence, as the combination of strangulation and involving a weapon already increases the risk significantly in terms of her future safety.


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