Police investigating company CEO for making idol trainees send him pictures in their underwear

Police are investigating a case where an idol trainee at a company came forward with allegations of her CEO forcing the idol trainees to send pics in their underwear to him.

The CEO is seen in texts asking for full-length pictures of the trainees in their underwear from the front back, and side every Tuesday. Additionally, he wanted measurements of waist, thighs, and arms. The CEO would notice if a trainee wore the same color underwear two weeks in a row and be critical as to whether the same photos were sent again. He also told the trainees it would be hard to be a K-pop idol if they didn’t follow his instructions.

When the trainee asked her aunt if the picture request was appropriate, the aunt said it was weird, so she stopped sending them. The trainee explained that she’s always worried whether the pictures might get leaked.

Meanwhile, the CEO didn’t deny that it happened, just saying there was no sexual intent behind it. He claims it was done with consent to reduce the preparation time before debut, and that he had taken guidance from modeling industry textbooks.

The police have launched a full-scale investigation since the complaint was filed in June, and last month seized and searched the computer and phone of the CEO for forensic analysis.

I mean, obviously this is fucked up, there’s nothing more to say on that end. But honestly, I do have concerns that while this kind of practice is (probably) worse than industry standard, that the actual industry standard even at bigger companies is not far off from this, and that they are just better at keeping things in house.

Regardless, I hope the complaint gets handled appropriately, but … well, you know I’m never optimistic about the right thing happening.


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