Nam Tae Hyun accused of Philopon use & abuse by influencer Seo Min Jae, who later recants the claims + police investigating

A couple days ago, singer Nam Tae Hyun was accused by Heart Signal 3 cast member and influencer Seo Min Jae of using Philopon (meth) and abusing her. However, she then later recanted this, claiming she said it in a medication-induced episode. Regardless, police have announced they are investigating the claims.


This all started when SMJ made a series of five Instagram posts relating to the singer: “Nam Tae Hyun does Philopon, the needle he used is either in my room or in my office cabinet, and he hits me.“, “I have the syringe Nam Tae Hyun used.“, “Nam Tae Hyun and I. The druggies. Take a look in my office cabinet. The syringe and…“, “Ah, there’s a recording on my phone.“, and “Back then, it was love.” She also included a picture of the two in one of the posts.

After this started to make the rounds in the press, his agency addressed the posts, but only said that they are checking with NTH.

Nam’s agency has not made any clear statements as of Sunday afternoon, other than that it is checking whether the claims are true with the artist.

Meanwhile, the police revealed that they have begun investigating the claims.

The police on Sunday said that it has has begun investigating the case “to see if there is any truth to the allegations.”

Shortly after police made that announcement, SMJ returned to Instagram with a statement that recanted her previous claims against NTH, saying that they were just at odds and she had taken too much medication.

“First, I had a fight with my boyfriend yesterday due to both of our wrongdoings. At the time, due to stress, I took more than the prescribed dose of a psychiatric drug, so I lost control of my senses to the extent where I still can’t remember exactly what happened. As a result, I uploaded a post that was unrelated to the truth, and I also hurt myself by mistake, so I am currently in the hospital. I ended up posting this statement late because I was receiving treatment. Also, we made up.”

So yeah, this all seems messy already and I have no idea what to say, honestly. Will wait to see what else emerges going forward.

Speaking of which, hearing from his side would be nice, so … uh, what happened to his agency? They get lost or something? What is happening there?


Nam Tae Hyun has recently posted a statement on Instagram, but only addresses the dispute between him and Seo Min Jae.

“I apologize to the people who must have been shocked by yesterday’s incident. It was a fight between lovers, but we have since made up.”

Hard not to be cynical about this given what’s not being addressed.


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