LOONA’s world tour continues to be plagued by health issues, fans take aim at Blockberry Creative

LOONA members have continued to be beset by health problems on LOONATHEWORLD, their first world tour. Fans already knew they’d be missing a member since back in early June it was revealed Chuu would not be going on the whole tour (which had odd circumstances of its own), but since the tour has started, the grueling American schedule appears to be taking a toll. About a week ago, Choerry was revealed to be sitting out the European leg of the tour and a couple days ago Haseul followed suit in an announcement. Then yesterday it was released that Yves would be sitting out the Amsterdam leg, so things aren’t getting better in Europe either.

Aside from Chuu, the rest of the absences have been health related issues, and even aside from the aforementioned two missing a whole leg of a tour, there have been myriad temporary issues much like Yves’ case (well, hopefully temporary), like Kim Lip, Jinsoul, and Yeojin missing meet and greets due to health problems. And that is not even counting numerous fan reports of things like Olivia Hye nursing a hip injury or members of the group missing segments or struggling to make it through shows on multiple occasions.

I had thought that maybe the week break between the hectic American leg and the European leg would give them time to reset, but things don’t necessarily seem to be getting better. For a while now fans have been criticizing Blockberry Creative for their handling of this tour as the health problems this schedule is giving the group continue to mount, but at least publicly, the company doesn’t seem concerned at all. And I’d guess they basically can’t at this point, less they miss out on the money that comes with touring, and that (unfortunately) is after all their first priority.


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