DIA return after over 2 years away with presumptive send-off song “The Blinding Past”

DIA have recently had their seventh anniversary, and have made a “comeback” with what certainly seems like a disbandment song in “The Blinding Past“. Remarkably it’s only been a bit over two years since their last comeback, with things seeming longer since MBK Entertainment has been doing nothing for any of the members for like over half their careers now.

The song, I mean it is what it’s supposed to be, which is sentimental. It’s for fans and the music video evokes past memories, so it does its job. Not like it’s supposed to be a chart topper, as much as that’d rule.


Anyway, back in August, the company confirmed the group’s contracts were expiring and gave a standard “in discussions” answer, which usually means at least that the group in its current form will end. The personal messages to fans the members wrote certainly doesn’t give anybody rosy feelings about their future either, but on the other hand, it almost seems like a miracle MBKE is doing anything for them at all.


They are indeed disbanding.


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