Mnet making a solid cast of artists into stocks to be traded on ‘Artistock Game’, securities fraud coming

Mnet will never stop putting out survival shows because they have no reason to stop, and their latest effort is called Artistock Game, taking the industry to its obvious conclusion where viewers get to live out their day trading fantasies and the artists themselves become commodified even more completely than normal.

“Artistock” is a compound word of artist and stock, meaning the talent of a singer becomes a stock. The show will introduce a unique concept that allows viewers to directly value the talent of their favorite singer.

The teaser video spells it out clearly enough, saying that they are “selling 48 singers“, and their stock prices will depend presumptively on showcasing their talents. Only those with high stock prices will be able to take the stage as their “reward”, I guess. This is a new era of just saying the quiet part out loud.

Surprisingly, they’ve managed to rope a solid artist lineup into this.

Among the 48 artists revealed, from talented artists in the indie scene and Kpop scene such as; Samuel Seo, Twlv, Sean, Xydo, Saay, Jooyoung, Bernard Park, Youha, Lee Sujeong of Ladies Code, Zelo from B.A.P, Lee Hyunsuk of Vromance, Lee Chansol of Bandage, Weki Meki’s Suyeon, Kei and Jisoo from Lovelyz and so on.

Actually hope some of them do get a chance to show their stuff out of this at least.

“But wait, isn’t Mnet known for its corruption and rigging scandals?”

Ah yes, and that’s what I think makes it appropriate in a way. Cannot wait for the vast kinds of securities frauds equivalents that occur. It’ll be so beautifully on the nose.


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