KARA are having a 5-member 15th anniversary comeback, it’s happening

I prayed for days like this.

Almost literally really, as I’ve been begging for a KARA reunion for a while now, especially three months ago when they reunited and hinted that more could be to come.

Now it’s being reported that it’s about to become a reality.

On September 19, a source from RBW, which is DSP Media’s holding company, confirmed, “KARA will be releasing their 15th debut anniversary album in November. Since they are showcasing their 15th debut anniversary album after gathering together for the first time in a while, we plan on supporting the KARA members so that they can express their feelings of wanting to gift their fans to the fullest.

I’m nervous for what kind of comeback it’s going to be, as hopefully it’s with Sweetune, but who knows. Either way, I’m just glad to have them back.


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