HKT48’s Yabuki Nako proves her English fluency beyond a doubt

Current HKT48 member and former IZ*ONE member Yabuki Nako recently showcased the impressive depth of her English fluency on a show that I think is named Call Teacher Tanaka.

Either way, her command of the language was on full display, such as knowing the months of the year…

Note: “Shistember” is getting a lot of play due to its proximity to “Shitember”, but it was “Sakurader” that got me going and the abruptness of just “Jun” really fucked me up.

…being able to say she’s hungry like a yakuza…

…and toof.

Gratuitous reaction compilation.

Look … it could’ve been significantly worse.

Also, if you were so inclined to watch two hours of untranslated Japanese variety, here is the source.


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