Song Ji Eun (SECRET) talks about the TSE conflict draining her passion for music on ‘Inookase’, which is like ‘Hot Ones’ but fine dining

Former SECRET member Song Ji Eun was a recent guest on Inookase (a play on omakase), a YouTube channel run by Park Inoo (composed for SECRET). As a Friend Of The Blog (FOTB) pointed out, the most interesting segment was Ji Eun describing how the legal battles with TS Entertainment sapped her of passion for music and singing.

It’s a three-part series, and aside from the stuff in the clip they actually sort of run the gauntlet of topics all while he’s serving her amazing-looking food, so this is sorta like a fine dining version of Hot Ones. The pair discuss her image, regrets, and religion, the idol life, their history with each other, and what she’s up to currently. There’s also a balance game to cap things off.

Definitely something worth watching if you’re a Song Ji Eun or SECRET fan, but also of interest just for the general insight on the entertainment industry, I think.


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