CL deals with a stage invader who ran up to hug her at university festival, security on a smoke break or something

Somebody has to figure out security at these festivals, man. Like a week after some dude just strolled on stage during a Huh Gak performance and tried to slap him or something, another dude just walked on stage of CL‘s performance at Chung Ang University’s festival and started hugging her.

The incident happened while she was performing “Doctor Pepper“, but CL handled things about as well as could be expected, even giving the guy a mic for a moment.

Props to CL, who is a pro and even made him part of the show.

Amusingly, you can see somebody eventually chase after him, but about like 30 seconds too late.

Hell, apparently he didn’t even get in that much trouble as he was heard yelling apologies to CL as she was leaving the festival.

It’s kinda nuts how this is just like a thing that happens, I guess? Like you’d think security would be justified in piledriving this guy off the stage, but instead it sure seems like borderline free reign to just stroll up on stage of your favorite celeb during festivals and do whatever, and apparently you’re just allowed to hang around after the show.


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