Ailee kills “O.O” cover, NMIXX’s Lily impresses, and AOMG put on a mini-concert on ‘K-909’

New music show K-909 made an impression on me last week and it has kept my interest in the follow-up episode. The combination of diverse musical guests, performances of a mix of past hits and current releases, plus interesting special stages is basically what I’ve generally wanted out of programs like this, and K-909 is delivering so far.


Ailee, Yuju, and NMIXX‘s Lily were guests as vocal queens, but perhaps expectedly, it was Ailee who was most noteworthy with a cover of NMIXX’s “O.O“.

She killed them on their own shit, honestly. And also, I suppose fans were right, it’s a rather quality song … when it’s a performance, and Ailee is performing it, and it’s arranged for Ailee as more of a vocal song, and the most annoying production inclinations are overcome by a live band, and over half of it is cut.

Meanwhile, Lily continued to showcase her vocals with her cover of GFRIEND’s “Time For The Moon Night“.

While I think Yuju’s vocal definitely fit better, it’s hard not to be impressed by Lily’s ability anyway, and I enjoy stuff like her covering BoA‘s “Only One” a cappella (after they did “No. 1” for her last week). If people continue doing BoA songs for BoA, it’s a big win for me, honestly.

Speaking of different guests than K-pop fans are used to seeing on music shows, here’s Coogie and Simon Dominic doing “Set Go“, then Woo Won Jae and Loco joining in for the always welcome smash hit “We Are“.

The four of them also did “TTFU“, which absolutely is exponentially better as a performance in a borderline concert environment. An AOMG event, basically.

Hope they can keep up the show’s momentum going forward as all this is very much my shit.


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