EXID have secured the trademark for the name ‘EXID’, members now run the group like a company

On a recent episode of Weekly Idol, it was surprisingly (at least to me) revealed that the EXID members now had the trademark for the group name ‘EXID’ and could thus earn money utilizing that name. Hani went on to explain that the members now run the group like a company, with LE in charge of A&R and production, Hani as the accountant, Hyelin as the manager, Solji as the chairwoman, and Jeonghwa as the secretary.

Other than being happy for EXID in terms of being able to do what they want as EXID going forward, I also see it as yet another win for groups taking control of their own destiny past their initial contract. This was talked about before as a growing trend, especially with regards to the cases of T-ara and GOT7, but further developments are definitely welcome and for the most part showcase a departure from past trends. Hopefully it is indeed a new path for those who want it.

Proving they still got it, by the way.


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