PLANCK STARS deftly demonstrate what fans screaming “step on me” looks like in reality

Not gonna lie, PLANCK STARS (like “pranksters”) only entered my consciousness recently due to Twitter freaking out over an AV stunt they’re doing, which then led me to Homicidols listing the group’s Top 10 stunts. And that post led me to find what amazingly didn’t make the list, which is member Anaru Rairai (yes, like how it sounds) actually doing what fans online scream at their favorite idols to do to them all the time, which is “step on me”.

Amazing stuff, truly.

Him dancing with the group after makes it practically look like a gang initiation or something.

Look, whatever misgivings you may have about their act, this is undeniably one of the best groups for #Content purposes I’ve ever seen. The fact that alt-idol blogs apparently don’t post about this shit everyday “for clicks” is a travesty, to be honest.

Well, it’s not my country and this is indeed tremendous content.


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