Rundown: TREASURE, DKZ, Jamie, Suzy, AB6IX, KINGDOM, more

Honestly? A surprisingly solid week. Not much I outright hated and a lot of stuff that I could see being quality for the right mood.


AB6IX – “Sugarcoat”

Well, not gonna “Sugarcoat” it, there had to be a better option than using that breathy falsetto as a chorus. Was going relatively alright until then. Absolutely brutal, I’m sorry.



Actually fuck with this. For better or worse, it sounds like “HELLO” is already a trance remix of “HELLO”, if that makes sense. One of those that probably doesn’t work as well listening sitting at home on headphones, but if it got going at a concert you’d join in with the party it started.


DKZ – “Uh-Heung”

Speaking of those types of songs, here’s a track whose purpose also seems to be a rave or club. Unce unce unce.


JAMIE – “3D Woman”

JAMIE is rarely ever the issue with her releases, and “3D Woman” is actually rather promising, but if you’ve heard the first minute or so you’ve basically heard the whole thing.


GroovyRoom, GEMINI, Mirani – “Rollin'”

This is apparently made for eSports team Gen.G‘s entrance for the League Of Legends World Championship 2022, and they’re definitely fucked if this is supposed to motivate them.


Serri (Dal Shabet) – “LIKE”

Kind of on the same wavelength throughout, but definitely listenable in a casual way.


Suzy – “Cape”

I know Suzy loves these types of songs and thus stuff like “Yes No Maybe” might never happen again, but I hold out hope and am at attention every time anyway.


KINGDOM – “Long Live The King”

I always post KINGDOM just because I respect how they’re always all-in on their lore and concept, especially in their music videos. The music is pretty consistently solid as well, though it does kinda throw me for a loop when there’s a perfunctory trap break in an atmosphere like this.


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