‘GIRL’S RE:VERSE’ aims to create a virtual (like VTubers) K-pop girl group, features a surprisingly relevant cast

A new show called GIRL’S RE:VERSE from Kakao TV is being billed as the first virtual K-pop idol survival show and is set to debut on November 28.

The show will use VR motion capture technology for avatars of 30 current female K-pop idols, who will compete in a virtual world called ‘W’ for a chance to debut in a virtual girl group. So it’s virtual idols, which is basically a VTuber group, and I guess it shouldn’t be any surprise that Korea wants a go at it considering virtual idols/VTubers now have growing legitimacy and popularity not only in Japan but internationally as well.

The 30 contestants each have teasers released now, and of course fans have figured out virtually the entire roster already. There are surprisingly some big names participating, including current LOONA and WJSN members, an A Pink member, and former members from Pristin, IZ*ONE, and GFRIEND.

One of those seven unidentified has already been solved.

For the teaser videos that each contestant is connected to, or to help figure out the remaining six unknowns, see this (quite frankly) amazing thread:

This is going to be on YouTube, so it should be accessible as well. For those interested, here’s the YouTube account for the show.

I’m not completely sold on this yet, but the lineup certainly has me intrigued.


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