Choi Jong Bum (Hara’s ex) ordered to pay her family damages as court rules his threats led to her death

Choi Jong Bum, the ex-boyfriend of the late Hara and general piece of shit, was ordered by a court to pay the idol’s family ~$55k after they concluded that his threats caused Hara to take her own life.

Two years ago, Choi Jong Bum was sentenced to a year in prison for assaulting and threatening Hara. He was also charged with threatening to spread their private footage, threatening Hara’s former agency to apologize, damaging her property, and violating sexual harassment/assault laws after molka of her was found, but he was deemed not guilty.

But it was that assault and those threats he was convicted of that the court deemed to have caused psychological pain that led to her death.

In the latest hearing, the court ruled that Choi Jong Bum’s illegal actions, such as assault and threat, caused great psychological pain to Hara, leading her to make an extreme choice. The court stated, “Mr. Choi threatened Ms. Goo by saying he will release the sexual videos he had recorded so that she would not be able to continue her activities in the entertainment industry, bringing her shame through the sex tapes.” The court explained Choi Jong Bum’s threat must have caused mental anguish to the late Goo Hara. The court added, “It seems that she had lost hope and motivation for the future despite achieving considerable success because she started working as a celebrity at a young age.” Additionally, the court judged that Choi Jong Bum was aware of the fact that Goo Hara was going to make an extreme choice but continued with his illegal actions of threatening the idol. The court ruled on this day, “Since it is seen that Choi Jong Bum’s actions caused Goo Hara to make an extreme choice, he has caused considerable psychological pain to Ms. Goo’s family as well.”

Hara likely had enough money to help her family even by herself, so it’s less about the financial judgment and more being happy about the ruling in the sense that he’s being held responsible and was found liable for his role in her death.

Though quite frankly, I would rather never hear about him again unless terrible shit happens to him or he did something to make the rest of his life worthwhile unlike what it’s been to this point.


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