Further videos of Crush’s alleged discrimination controversy appear to back his statement’s explanation

Following updates to the previous Crush discrimination allegations, including his response, the controversy became more widely publicized. While it had already blown up a bit on the international netizen side, Korean netizens quickly became involved and started posting their takes on the situation.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the immediate aftermath to even the initial videos in Korea were mainly siding with Crush by default, seemingly aiming to do so in the most offensive way possible to boot. But then later Korean fans who were also at the event and had actual evidence started posting more videos that they claim support Crush’s explanations.

Most importantly, it revealed that he appeared to say at the time to be careful to the crowd when they surged toward him.

The reverse angle of the shot also appears to show the surge that Crush was concerned about.

Videos also show that he skipped other hands and that he seemingly tried to reach back down for one of the original poster’s hand but she was already withdrawing it at the time.

With the videos that were circulating at the time, his statement seemed odd as the view from inside the crowd didn’t seem as if they were doing anything out of the ordinary or that he had any concern for safety, but with corroborating evidence for his statement emerging, it seems quite plausible that it was his main concern and it should be interesting how the emergence of further angles changes the situation for netizens both internationally and in Korea.


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