Quick Reviews: LE SSERAFIM return with a bit of a mixed bag on “ANTIFRAGILE”

LE SSERAFIM have returned with “ANTIFRAGILE” and other than the pure entertainment value of not being able to unhear “anti titty”, it’s somewhat of a mixed bag.

In a way it’s an improvement on “FEARLESS“, particularly the pre-chorus and the ever-present thumping percussion the underpins the entire song. However, in other ways it feels like an overly busy and at times irritating reggaeton track that still seems mostly pre-occupied with sounding cool and disaffected, which leads to things becoming a bit repetitive. Quite frankly, other than Chaewon‘s run, I found myself almost zoning out a bit by the end.

Regardless, it plays into their group concept perfectly and should be well-received by fans, just wish they utilized the group’s ability more and didn’t give them songs that feel more intended for Street Woman Fighter dance crews wanting to cash in on the K-pop boom.


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Thot Leader™