[Review] Soshi Takeda’s ‘Same Place Another Time’ transported me to a nostalgic era of game OSTs

Soshi Takeda isn’t a famous musician and ‘Same Place Another Time‘ doesn’t even have lyrics in it, so if this seems like a rather random choice for a rare album review on this site then you’d be correct, and I actually have to tip my cap to the Make Believe Mailer for bringing it to my attention.

Regardless, the reason I wanted to highlight this is because it listens like an excellent throwback to critically-acclaimed video game OSTs from the 90s/00s. If you were anything like me, you fell in love with the soundscapes they created and the visual worlds they were able to build, and ‘Same Place Another Time‘ effectively evokes similar feelings throughout.

The wood instrumentation of “Analog Photography” immediately evokes forest moods, and while it’s initially a rather chill track it keeps things interesting by adding a flair of guitar for some life down the stretch. “Blue Dress” uses chimes, synths, and light percussion to create like a premium version of a water level environment, while “Same Place Another Time” marks another win by matching the declared intent expressed in the title with tribal percussion, echoing hits from what sounds like a synth conjuring a xylophone and marimba or something, and guitar effects bubbling under.

Peninsula” is a less complicated track, though also effective in creating like a casual overworld theme, or for normal people perhaps a sitting and chilling on a trail after an outdoors hike or enjoying a garden while touching grass. The last two tracks are probably the weakest, mainly because they seem to be the most generic and repetitive of the bunch.

That said, it’s hard not to be swept away to another place when listening to this. Whether you’re nostalgically transported back to a certain era of video game soundtracks or not, the ethereal soundscapes created here are appealing enough to transport you somewhere regardless, and it’s a pleasant ride to get there.


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