Chanhyuk (AKMU) doing random-ass promo for his ‘ERROR’ solo debut album is truly undefeated

Back when I covered Chanhyuk‘s YouTube video of him having a pleasant morning in the middle of the sidewalk, I half-jokingly said it was part of his album promo for his upcoming solo debut in ‘ERROR‘.

Well turns out that and follow-up video actually were part of a campaign.

The point was to create eyewitness accounts of himself, as the album ‘ERRORconceptually addresses an eyewitness account of his old character dying and then the birth of a new one.

“I needed a track to show how I bid farewell to my old character and welcome the new side of me. It’s also a song that shows that the life that the old me had lived wasn’t honest,” he said.

In addition to the aforementioned stunt, he was also seen at KBS’s National Singing Contest just sitting in the audience…

…and then popped up on EBS’s Ding Dong Dang Kindergarten, where he participates in quizzes and dances seemingly out of nowhere. According to the broadcaster, Chanhyuk is going to be on the show for five days as like a Korean version of Where’s Waldo.

But like kids don’t know him, right? I want to know what the fuck they think is going on when he pops up.

Anyway, perhaps his best stunt is him doing a “showcase” for his album, like a literal showcase, where he’s just standing on display.

This is pure art.

Oddly enough, the single “Panorama” was surprisingly non-descript and vibey in nature, like he forgot to add the quirks to it or something. And while I didn’t get my wish of a troll music video, at least he’s doing everything else possible to entertain.


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