When will Oh My Girl fans hold Mimi accountable for this absolute atrocity?

K-pop fans go apeshit over everything and anything, yet they refuse to speak up on the recent disgusting actions of Oh My Girl member Mimi on a recent episode of MBC’s The Manager.

Since nobody else is brave enough to say it, I will be the hero the world needs and call her out. I watched the show with an increasingly horrified expression on my face, as it showed her waking up and immediately downing an ice cream. That’s deranged in itself, but the horror was just getting started, as while that desert was fresh on her tongue, she went ahead and ate a bunch of raw fish, and THEN finished off her breakfast with MORE ice cream.


Upon seeing this I collapsed from the shock and had to be hospitalized. I wasn’t able to eat breakfast for a week because just the thought of consuming food in the morning conjured up the hypothetical taste of ice cream mashed into raw fish and caused me to dry heave. Trauma.

Mimi, I’ll see you at The Hague.


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