Dreamcatcher content machine gets going for “VISION” with dance versions & live singing + “Love Shake” cover & a ~30-foot lightstick

As per usual, following their comeback with “VISION”, Dreamcatcher have made the promotional rounds and never seem to come up short on the content end of the stick.


We can kick things off with the official stuff, notably their comeback showcase performance, and then a trio of dance videos: an official music video version and dance practice version, then the Relay Dance.

Honestly though, what I most look forward to is their live performances of it in videos like CeCi Korea’s Hot PlayList and their live for TongTong Culture.

Arguably most importantly, here’s all seven of them doing some group named MINX‘s song “Love Shake“.

Also, apparently SuA and JiU are back on Kim Gura’s Latte 9 for the second time, and while he’s still a shithead it would unfortunately help their careers if he likes them.

Mainly though, JiU seems quietly aggressive.

In rare fandom-being-awesome news, some Dreamcatcher fans took the extendable lightstick of the group to its logical conclusion and made it three stories tall. Space elevator soon.




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