Agencies of ASTRO’s Rocky and actress Park Bo Yeon disagree on whether they’re dating or not

Now I don’t normally cover every dating news that comes across the timeline, but this one was a bit spicy seemingly for no reason whatsoever. Basically the reports broke that ASTRO‘s Rocky and actress Park Bo Yeon were dating, but her agency Management KOO shut that down with a quick statement.

Dating rumors involving the two stars recently spread on online communities after Park Bo Yeon was spotted attending the musical “The Three Musketeers” starring Rocky on October 30. It was also discovered that Park Bo Yeon co-wrote the lyrics and did the narration for Rocky’s solo track “S#1.” on ASTRO’s album “Drive to the Starry Road.” In response to the rumors, Park Bo Yeon’s agency Management KOO commented, “We checked [regarding these rumors], and Rocky is just a close acquaintance who she worked with on [the web drama] ‘Find Me If You Can.’”

Alright, fine, whatever.

But then mere hours later, Fantagio also responded, but confirmed their relationship.

As revealed through news reports, Rocky and actress Park Bo Yeon are currently getting to know each other with positive feelings. The two first met through the [web drama] ‘Find Me If You Can,’ and they naturally became close as actress Park Bo Yeon, who enjoys writing, naturally participated in Rocky’s music production. After spending time as acquaintances, they recently developed positive feelings for each other.

Well, this is why the agencies usually don’t respond to rumors immediately and coordinate responses, but if they really are in the just-casually-seeing-each-other stage or something then I have to imagine this makes things awkward.

Perhaps it’s just miscommunication over technicalities, but man if this is a reflection of their actual feelings and he just got rejected in the news … brutal. Bro, I’m here for you.


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