Halloween festivities in Itaewon leave hundreds dead or injured due to crowd crush

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of the crowd crush that took place in Itaewon during a Halloween celebration, and since this is the biggest tragedy in Korea since the Sewol disaster, I figured I should at least give people a place to talk about it.

There’s not much to do or say about it other than to express sadness about the whole situation, though I did want to encourage people to check others who will inevitably go around blaming everybody and anybody except the people in charge of public safety, when these things are almost always simply about shoddy planning and/or lack of crowd control measures. No need to compound the tragedy for those connected to it by being a clueless dick.

Like I’ve been seeing lots of shit being said online today, and maybe there are individual bad actors in and/or around the crowd who deserve to be called out for their roles in this tragedy, but remember to focus on the big picture of how crowd crushes happen before hopping on some witch hunt or listening to authorities and media pushing certain narratives about the victims.

I dunno, man. I’m not great at expressing sadness, but it just sucks to wake up to this even as an observer, much less for the people who have ties to this.


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