OMEGA X speak out after CEO’s abuse, say they were banned from SNS by company & will not give up their dream

Following a quite frankly rather concerning silence following the emergence of OMEGA X’s abusive treatment, the members have started up their own Instagram account to communicate with fans. Not only is SBS reporting this, but a member’s sister also confirms it as legit.

The account has just one post so far, which includes a message. It informs people that SPIRE Entertainment had them sign basically a ban on SNS use, but they decided to be brave and speak out. They say they’ll be continuing their dreams and acknowledge that the company has mistreated them, though they don’t give specifics about their current situation.

We created this small space for communication because we wanted to thank the fans who love us and the people who are cheering us on, and we also wanted to directly inform you of the current situation with our own mouths, as the parties involved in this incident.
Under pressure from SPIRE Entertainment, we—the members of [OMEGA X]—previously signed an agreement that “if we upload posts to social media without consulting the company, we will have to take both civil and criminal legal responsibility.” Therefore, we ask for your understanding in regards to the fact that even though we wanted to resume communicating with our fans as soon as possible, we had to be cautious until we had figured out our position on Spire Entertainment.
Although there were happy times after we began our group activities together, we also had to endure painful times as well. Additionally, when our suffering recently became known to the world, we were worried that everything we’ve accomplished up until now would evaporate and go up in smoke. However, we have now decided to put our fears behind us and muster courage together.
Our group was a second opportunity for our eleven members, who gathered together after rising from difficult times of despair and refusing to give up on our dreams.
The only thing that gave us the strength not to give up on our dreams and to take on a new challenge was the fans who wait for us, believe in us, and cheer us on. Thanks to our fans, we were able to endure the past two years. There were days when we received such unwarranted treatment from our agency that it made us want to cry, but our only source of strength that made it possible for us to endure it all was remembering the cheers of our fans and reading their messages of support over and over as we tried to fall asleep.
Just as we have up until now, we plan to continue to chase our dreams up until the very end. We will stand before our fans once again with good music and performances. Our eleven members, who all have the same goal, and our fans, who share our dream, are the most precious things in the world to us, and we never want to lose them again.
As many people worried and waited for us, we apologize for the delay in providing this update. Thank you for reading our sincere feelings, which we mustered up the courage to share, up until the very end.
Thank you.
Sincerely, OX [OMEGA X]

SPIRE had claimed, shortly after the allegations emerged and while OMEGA X were still trapped in America, that everything was resolved. So if you didn’t know they were full of it before, well now you certainly do.

This definitely figures to be a difficult road forward for them as they likely have to find a way to invalidate their contract and then sign elsewhere (or start their own company) as a group in order to continue on. That’s hard enough with cooperation from their current company, but given their actions so far, I doubt SPIRE will be all that receptive to letting them go without a fight either. Still, wishing the best for them going forward, and mainly just hope they’re able to escape from SPIRE without further damage.


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