OMEGA X’s company (SPIRE) releases apology and CEO resigns, but it’s still hard to see them continuing there like normal

Following the controversy surrounding her abuse of the group, and just a day after OMEGA X members spoke out about the situation themselves against the demands of their company, SPIRE Entertainment‘s CEO Kang Seong Hee has released an apology and resigned.

Hello, this is SPIRE Entertainment.
First of all, we deeply apologize to all OMEGA X members, families, fans, and everyone whose feelings were hurt by an unfortunate event that has happened recently.
SPIRE Entertainment takes the full responsibility and announce that the CEO who’s responsible for this matter has resigned. We’d also like to apologize for not responding well and disappointing many fans with inadequate response to the situation.
We will take in all your advices and comments to do our best to prevent this kind of things from happening again and focus on providing a better environment for the members so that they can focus only on the artists’ activities. Please continue supporting OMEGA X, and we promise to try our best to be back with better news.
Thank you.

While this is something on the face of things, I’m not sure it is anything in reality. The CEO is the wife of the company’s Founder/Chairman Hwang Seong Woo, and it’s not like this treatment was a one-off incident, it was something that was normalized and that he seemed fine with until it was made public. This feels like an attempt to keep the heat off SPIRE and to avoid a contract lawsuit at the very least.

It’d be difficult to not be concerned that if OMEGA X sticks with SPIRE that the main change wouldn’t just be that the company would keep things under wraps better.


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