Songs You May Have Missed: September 2022 (We;Na, Rocking Doll, Jiselle, pH-1, KittiB, Sunwoojunga, ODD-CAT, KARDI, more)

So I’m gonna let you all in on a little secret: when I’m writing these up, I must have background noise, and it can’t be the tracks that are going into the playlist. So what have I been watching while putting this one together, you ask? Old seasons of The Great British Bake Off. Sometimes I truly am a stereotype.

Anyway, let’s go!



KittiB (Feat. Hanhae) – “Lucky”

My boy Hanhae is always a great featured artist.


Jiselle (Feat. MRSHLL) – “Therapy”

We;Na – “Like Psycho”


zoey (Feat. Samuel Seo) – “Trust Issues”

Rocking Doll – “Pom Pom”

pH-1 (Feat. Woo Won Jae) – “MR. BAD”

I am still intently waiting for pH-1 to make something I really, genuinely don’t like. I’ve been listening to him for several years at this point and he’s still not managed it.


J.yung & YOUNG SKI – “Look Around”

Ahn Heesu – “With A Bunch Of Friendly Starlights In My Arms”

JEY – “+82”

ODD-CAT – “Walking On The Moon”

COCONA – “Wake Up (School Of Rock)”

b!ni – “Ultungbultung”

Sunwoojunga (Feat. SUMIN) – “OCTAVE”

She’s just … always great. How does she do that?


KARDI – “Riot”

THAMA – “Complicated”

Obze – “ANGD : Be That As It May”

Neuf (Feat. 8:59) – “Naega Halkke”

YEAHSHINE – “Wanna Go For A Walk”


And that’s it!

As always, let me know any tracks you loved during September that you think need more love, and happy listening!

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