Lee Seung Gi’s rep responds to reports on Hook Entertainment as more stories emerge

Following the reveal that Lee Seung Gi had not been paid by Hook Entertainment for his music for almost two decades, alleged audio of CEO Kwon Jin Young threatening Lee Seung Gi was released. Now the story continues on as Lee Seung Gi’s legal representative has responded to the reports, and further stories about Hook have emerged.


For Hook’s part, the only thing that they’ve said so far is Kwon Jin Young releasing a blanket apology that doesn’t deny anything, really.

As bad stories have been coming out about me and our agency from news outlets recently, regardless of whether they are true, I am so ashamed.
Everything is due to my negligence and lack of discretion, so I feel ashamed and apologetic.
It is reasonable to specifically confirm the truth regarding the stories currently floating around and being reported by press, but as mentioned in our previous press release, we ask for your understanding that we are currently in the organization stage to fact-check, and that we are refraining from releasing a statement of our position because this could be dealt with legally.
In the future, once the aspects that either Hook Entertainment or I have to deal with legally are clearly confirmed, we will not step back or avoid anything and take all responsibility.

Regardless, Lee Seung Gi’s legal reps have now officially responded to the reports circulating, essentially confirming them.

Following his debut, Lee Seung Gi carried out [music and acting] promotions while under Hook Entertainment for 18 years. In the matter of his activities in the entertainment industry and statement of accounts, Lee Seung Gi fully trusted and followed Hook Entertainment. As representatives of Hook Entertainment did not bring up anything regarding payment for music in the slightest, he was not even aware of generating profits from music, and he recently became aware of the truth that music profits were being made due to a message accidentally sent by an employee. Afterwards, Lee Seung Gi requested settlement details numerous times, but Hook Entertainment gave excuses that were lies such as, “You are a minus singer (meaning negative profit margin),” and avoided providing details.
In this process, Lee Seung Gi heard insulting and threatening remarks that are difficult to even say from the CEO and others, so he eventually decided after much thought on sending a certification of contents through a legal representative because he determined that beyond just the issue of the payment settlement for his music, a relationship of trust could not continue with CEO Kwon Jin Young as well as Hook Entertainment, which he has relied on like family while being together for a long time.
Furthermore, in addition to [the issue of] Lee Seung Gi’s payment for his music, we also have plans to carry out a close examination of various legal relationships between Hook Entertainment including CEO Kwon Jin Young and Lee Seung Gi. Thus, we request Hook Entertainment to transparently reveal the details of sales and settlement of accounts over the course of Lee Seung Gi’s activities in the entertainment industry through several certification of contents, and we are currently expecting a sincere reply from Hook Entertainment.

Notably, they confirm the abusive nature of her treatment, and are basically just going to be handling it legally now.


Additionally, more stories have come out about Hook and Kwon Jin Young.

Guitarist Lee Byeong Ho, who worked with Lee Seung Gi on his sixth album that has come up in these reports, admitted that he had not been paid for his work either and that he’s rooting for Lee Seung Gi.

I also worked on (Lee Seung Gi’s) sixth album and hadn’t been paid. At the time, my heart was full of sorrow, but due to my affection for Seung Gi, I didn’t want to make it an issue. However, after learning that Lee Seung Gi had cried a lot after learning of this news, I felt horrible and wished I hadn’t said anything.

Yeah, it’s not his fault either. He shouldn’t feel bad for requesting payment that he deserved, and the company should pay for all this with interest.

Given everything that’s come out about Kwon Jin Young’s treatment of Lee Seung Gi and his manager, it should come as no surprise that there emerged an account of her treating workers at a store terribly as well.

According to the luxury brand’s former employee, while working there, she was warned that when Kwon Jin Young entered the store, she needed to be careful, “When she (Kwon Jin Young) comes, we receive an order to ‘Be careful. Do not ask her questions.’”

The former employee revealed an instance when she was cursed out by the CEO, “One time while she was shopping, I was valeting a Ferrari when she suddenly yelled at me. … ‘Hey, you bastard. Get out of the car. You bastard, why are you making noise (with the car) when I’m walking by? I felt threatened by you. Tell all the employees (in the store) to come out.'”
According to the former employee, the CEO was on the brink of making the employees get on their knees. The former employee stated that “The embarrassment was unimaginable.” According to them, they were told that the CEO frequently abused employees but that she got away with it since she spent so much money.

The entitlement and just how much their power and wealth is able to hide due to others having fear of them seems to be a constant in these cases.


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