Individuals across the Korean entertainment industry defend Chuu against Blockberry’s allegations

Following Blockberry Creative’s explosive claim that former LOONA member Chuu was abusive to staff, it didn’t take long for the responses to start rolling in. Really, it only took about an hour for the first defenses of Chuu by staff and others to start, and they haven’t stopped.


To kick things off, one of her own groupmates is standing up for her, as Hyunjin spoke out.

Now, quite frankly, there are so many defenses of her that I can’t embed them all, so I’ll link them instead.

LOONA choreographer Faryoung Kim, LOONA producer BADD‘s Choi Jae Youl, Former LOONA A&R Ryu Ji In, Sunmi, journalist Joy Park, webtoon artist Wondung, Chuu Can Do It writer, another Chuu Can Do It writer, yet another Chuu Can Do It writer, former Chuu Can Do It writer, photographer, another photographer, videography/photography staff, broadcast station outsourcing employee, and Baek-ssi mascot worker.

Anonymous Queendom staff, anonymous Muziekwang Company staff, anonymous JobKorea employee, anonymous industry official, anonymous broadcast staff, another anonymous broadcast staff, anonymous broadcast station employee, anonymous writer, anonymous advertisement staff, anonymous event staff, anonymous lighting staff, anonymous staff, another anonymous staff, yet another anonymous staff, anonymous worker, and another anonymous worker.

Meanwhile, others like music critic Kim Do Heon, music critic Mimyo, and Young, Gifted & Wack CEO Havaqquq directed more criticism towards Blockberry’s statement in general as slanderous and/or unprofessional.


As far as Chuu goes, it seemed like she knew something was coming.

Now there’s dozens of people across the Korean entertainment industry speaking up in defense of Chuu and/or calling out Blockberry, while the extent of the evidence for the other side is so far still just their word. For me, it’s especially telling that Hyunjin spoke out, as Blockberry tried to use the other LOONA members as a shield in their statement by claiming they were adversely impacted by Chuu’s actions.

Again, I’ll let the story of Chuu’s contract fuckery run its course, but Blockberry better have something definitive if they’re going to continue down this route, and quite frankly not leading with evidence and letting their claim linger over her career is already shitty regardless.


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