9 members of LOONA reportedly file lawsuit to terminate contract, Blockberry deny

As the mess with former member Chuu’s contract status continues on, it’s now been reported that nine members of LOONAHeejin, Haseul, Yeojin, Kim Lip, Jinsoul, Choerry, Yves, Go Won, and Olivia Hye –have filed a lawsuit against Blockberry Creative to terminate their contracts.

It was confirmed that the nine members have made this decision because they have determined that mutual trust, which forms the basis of the contract, has been breached to the point that management and entertainment activities based on cooperation have become difficult to expect.

For their part, Blockberry has denied the report, but as mentioned by JTBC, they’ve also done the same for everything that has transpired so far and we’ve seen how much their word is worth.

Blockberry Creative denied this in communication with the JTBC Entertainment News team, but, as it has provided that same position each time it gave an official response to artist issues such as the establishment of Chuu’s personal company, it appears to be keeping quiet about this issue as well.

Furthermore, the report says the obvious in that if this goes through then it seems LOONA would disband with 10 members gone.

As far as the reason, the report cites financial difficulties, which would presumably be in addition to whatever trust issues there are with the company.

There is a high possibility that this is due to the financial difficulties of Blockberry Creative. Last year, an issue was raised that it was unable to pay outsourced companies and external staff whom they worked with. In addition, Chuu, who had the most individual activities among the LOONA members, was revealed to have not received an earnings distribution, sparking controversy. At that time, the agency did not express any position.

Assuming the report is accurate, just wishing the LOONA members the best of luck in getting out of Blockberry.


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