[Review] RM and Youjeen deliver on emotional “Wild Flower”

While I’m actually like a week behind on music releases at the moment, I carved out some time to give a listen to RM‘s solo effort “Wild Flower“, which features Cherry Filter‘s vocalist Youjeen. I’m glad I did as RM has carved out another soft and expressive gem, even if it goes against the kind of sound I typically enjoy.

Honestly, the general formula used on “Wild Flower” is nothing new. It’s a tried-and-tested anthemic OST type of track that has the requisite strings, gentle guitars, and percussion hits. But as I’ve always said around here, it’s usually the execution that counts, and having BTS’s RM and Cherry Filter’s Youjeen to carry it goes a long way.

In terms of the song’s sound, RM plays his role, contributing a pensive vulnerability in his delivery, but also a certain sense of wonder. It’s definitely a personal track for him and he’s impressively able to convey that effectively to the listener through his verses. However, “Wild Flower” really gets its wings when Youjeen enters the picture, delivering a soaring, emotive vocal burst that mirrors the ‘flowerwork’ explosions in the sky. The fact that she comes with an on-trend 90s alt-rock styling is a touch that I personally loved and gives it a bit of uniqueness that others in this mode don’t have.

“Wild Flower” is also a standout thematically, which is where RM shines with the introspective and honest lyrics providing a look at RM’s reflective thoughts. The specific situations he’s likely referencing aren’t all that relatable to normal people, but even devoid of context, wanting to be freed of crushing pressure and the struggle to be oneself while having to carry societal expectations is a surprisingly accessible feeling that resonates well with the song’s sound.

Truthfully, it was always going to be hard for me to dislike this. It hits on so many of the sappy notes that I actually enjoy in music, and then adds on the female rock vocal to boot, feeling like a late-Autumn festival version of Winter Flower” with Younha. “Wild Flower” serves as an effective emotional release tied together beautifully with an impressive music video that helps it really dig into your soul.


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