It took KARA’s Gyuri one (1) interview to go viral

KARA recently returned with When I Move and they thankfully are intent on promoting it, which means Gyuri had opportunities to get interviewed and show why she was such a fun second generation personality.

Promoting on Music Bank, the show’s MC Yuna of ITZY asked her about the secret to longevity as a group, “And Gyuri sunbaenim, ITZY wants to promote for a long time too, like KARA. Is there any secret tip?” Gyuri replied simply that just don’t get married till later, “Well, our secret tip is the teamwork that’s been groomed by our love and friendship. And also firstly, if you want to promote for a long time, marry late, everyone.

It’s even funnier cause other than being simply true, it’s likely self-referential as she split with her drunk driving (likely cheating) chaebol man last year and is now back.

Goddess Gyuri is back.

Also, of course, they made their comeback debut on music shows as well.


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