LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura learns stunts & zombie acting from Emmy-winning team on ‘Fearless Kkura’

In case you weren’t aware, Miyawaki Sakura of LE SSERAFIM (still feels weird) has started a YouTube channel called Fearless Kkura, where she will basically be challenging herself to live up to her girl group’s image.

When this channel was announced, I mentioned that I was looking forward to Sakura’s take on Chuu Can Do It, and it’s indeed a pretty similar in format. However, the strengths of the shows are different, as Chuu brings the boundless energy and is basically content personified, while Sakura leans more into being awkward and anxiety ridden, which makes everything more relatable to me personally.

Anyway, a good way to get into the series is the stunt episode, which was not only the most entertaining one, but also had moments like her embracing her inner misanthrope.

The power.

Additionally, I actually felt like I learned something about the stunt process, as well as how they perfect zombie acting.

Looking forward to see where they go with the channel because they can do almost anything under the concept, so I hope they get ambitious.


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