Songs You May Have Missed: October 2022 (JeA, Slom, Jiae, COCONA, 015B, Luli Lee, NIKA, 9001)

Greetings, my darlings. Sadly, autumn is over and winter has set in (I am cold, please send blankets), so please join me on a trip back to October when everything was beautiful and sweater weather was a nice change rather than something I’m dreaming of getting away from.

Let’s go!



Kang Butter – “That’s Not What I Meant”

WEN (Feat. Hodoo) – “Monday”

JeA (Brown Eyed Girls) – “Orange Drive”

DAZBEE – “Bambi”

DALIE – “So Cool”

Monday Off With Bluesy – “Caramel”

COCONA (Feat. OLNL) – “Pick Up The Phone”

015B (Feat. O.When) – “Happy & Fragile” 


HWAJA – “Seesaw”

9001 – “Mannequin”

JIN – “Not A Coincidence”

No, not THAT Jin.


Luli Lee – “Flame”

J.UNA – “Done”

Slom (Feat. Zion.T) – “Anirago”

Dust Funk – “Don’t Stop Feeling”

Jiae – “0807”


Breaking from tradition a bit here, as it was so difficult to choose which tracks to include this month that I have some honourable mentions that would have been embedded if not for the risk of overloading your browser.

Won Tae Rim‘s “Trick, JUNE‘s “Got U, Chawoo (Feat. Crucial Star)’s “HONEY, lIlBOI‘s “Fallin’, Reddy‘s “Chicken Dinna, Seong Ri‘s “My Life, En‘s “Save Me, and Rolling Quartz‘s “Nazababara.


And that’s it.

As always, let me know your favourite tracks from October, and happy listening!

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