IU & Lee Jong Suk confirmed to be dating

IU and Lee Jong Suk have formed a new power couple in the Korean entertainment industry. The news was reported by Dispatch initially and subsequently confirmed by their agencies.

The two stars have been reportedly dating for four months and recently vacationed together in Japan.

On December 31, Dispatch reported that the two stars have been dating for approximately four months. According to Dispatch, the two met on “Inkigayo” 10 years ago, and over time, their friendship evolved into romance.
Dispatch claimed that IU and Lee Jong Suk spent Christmas together in Nagoya, Japan, where they enjoyed a quiet three-day vacation together at a luxury resort. The vacation was said to have been personally planned by Lee Jong Suk, who reportedly flew IU and her younger brother out to Japan first and even prepared a pick-up service for them at the airport, then joined them later on.
According to anonymous sources quoted in the report, the couple’s families are already aware of the relationship. IU famously sang the celebratory song at Lee Jong Suk’s younger brother’s wedding earlier this year, and Lee Jong Suk personally invited IU’s younger brother along on their Christmas vacation.

The report included photos of them going to Japan from the airport.

Following that, both HighZium Studio and EDAM Entertainment confirmed the relationship.

Actor Lee Jong Suk and IU recently progressed from being close acquaintances into being a couple, and they are maintaining a serious relationship.

IU’s agency EDAM Entertainment also commented afterwards, “IU and Lee Jong Suk recently progressed from being close acquaintances into a good relationship. We ask for the warm reception of fans.”

As I said on Twitter, I’m just glad there’s like a four-year gap and she’s not dating some grandpa.

Also, if you want a meta sub-plot to all this, it’s interesting that this comes out a day before Dispatch’s usual relationship reveal date because Lee Jong Suk was already caught up in rumors about a relationship following his award speech at the 2022 MBC Drama Awards yesterday.

On December 30, Lee Jong Suk won the Daesang (Grand Prize) for his starring turn in the hit drama “Big Mouth” at MBC’s annual year-end award ceremony. During his acceptance speech, he expressed his deep gratitude to a specific unnamed individual.
“After completing my military service, I had a lot of worries, fears, and troubles plaguing me,” said the actor. “But at that time, there was someone who helped me to find a good direction as a human being and to think positive thoughts. There’s something I really wanted to tell that person using this opportunity. I want to tell that person that I’m thankful to them for always being so admirable, that I’ve liked them a lot for a very long time, and that I respect and admire them greatly.”
He went on, “Seeing that person, I very often thought to myself, ‘I should have lived a little more diligently before now,’ or ‘I should have become a better person.’ I spent a lot of time reflecting on my past. I’m going to work harder in the future to become a better person.”

Did this lead to Dispatch releasing news early? Did he know that Dispatch knew and beat them to the punch? Did Dispatch know that he knew that they knew and lay in wait to capitalize on the speculation?

Games within the game, lol.


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