A thank you and a goodbye to 2022 (and a year-end lists update)

2022 was a year that at least felt like a departure from the previous pandemic years (though the reality is arguable), and I had more stuff to do away from the computer for the first time in what felt like a decade. Still, I’d once again like to thank all you degenerates for continuing reading a format (blog) that is outdated as hell, instead of just sticking with doomscrolling endlessly through Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram.

Ironically, as every issue becomes fandom related somehow, I feel like places where you can give an opinion on entertainment stuff without being endlessly dogpiled by rabid stans become even more of a refuge than ever, so at the bare minimum I try to provide that here and will continue to do so.

Hope you’ve at least got one laugh or … something here in 2022.


As far as the year-end stuff, well without the MLB lockout like last year and with me trying to do J-pop as well this year, I am predictably like months behind. At one point I considered stressing myself out and rushing it to completion over December, but I remembered that: 1) this is supposed to be for fun 2) nobody like really gives a shit about this blog anyway 3) time-gating lists like this is largely for the purpose of clicks and I don’t really care about that aspect as much.

The reason I do it is that I get excited to share opinions and discoveries with you all, so I’ll definitely be working on it, but it’ll come when it comes. I’ve taken inspiration from friend-of-the-blog Make Believe Melodies, who recently released his year-end album list … for 2012. Fuck it.

Unfathomably based.


Anyway, I’ll see you all in 2023 (or when inevitably 30 major breaking news stories get released within an hour of this post going up that’s supposed to close out 2022, as happens every year).


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