Songs You May Have Missed: November 2022 (Wheein, SHUSHU9, VVON, JUKJAE, HEEO)

Usually when I write these, I have a playlist half a mile long to cut through before I end up with what I present you all. For the first time in forever, November’s playlist is short and sweet — it wasn’t a huge month for non-idol releases, and it was easy-going.

So, let’s go!


Wheein (MAMAMOO) (Feat. Colde) – “Sunny Shower”

Rosmile – “Did You Think Of Me?”

onthedal – “Cabinet”

HEEO – “Destiny Or Challenge”

Yooan Kim (Feat. DOKO) – “I’m Sad Without You”

JUKJAE – “Runaway”


VVON (Feat. Kim Seungmin) – “STEP”

Owell Mood – “Vanishing Cats”

Jang Yeju (Feat. INBI) – “Reminisce”

Kim Sewoon (Feat. Sunkyoung) – “Will It Snow?”


And that’s it!

As always, let me know any tracks you really loved during November, and happy listening!

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