Source Music get 17 trademark applications for GFRIEND rejected, opening up possibilities for the members

Just a couple months prior to the sudden disbandment of GFRIEND, Source Music applied for 17 trademarks on GFRIEND, presumably with the idea of being able to continue to control and profit from the brand even after their activities have ended.

But that action of applying for the rights just before disbandment had a precedent of being rejected (T-ara), and in July they were handed a major blow when their trademark of the name was rejected. Well, now it’s been revealed that Korea Intellectual Property Protection Agency (KOIPA) has rejected all 17 trademark applications.

I imagine this effectively makes GFRIEND free to do what they want with not only their name, but also their songs and all of that. While I don’t know what their individual plans are, it does at least open up the possibility of a reunion if they wanted one.


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