Quick Reviews: Superstar collab of Taeyang & Jimin successfully deliver a “VIBE”, but one that could’ve been more

The collab of BIGBANG‘s Taeyang and BTS‘s Jimin on “VIBE” is basically a guaranteed hit due to the fame of the duo, and that certainty is further reinforced by the choice of a relative safe New Jack Swing groove built on a thumping beat and funky brass. Jimin does alright, but Taeyang is as charismatic as ever on the track, and he helps elevate the song.

That said, the chorus is not nearly as dynamic as this song deserved, and the “you know we got that … viiiibe, baby” hook is not catchy enough to justify how repetitive it gets on multiple listens. “VIBE” also lacked an explosive finish, probably due to its length, and it felt like the duo definitely could’ve taken the song to the next level if given the chance.

Still, it’s a pleasant song that’s an easy listen, and until the first chorus hits, the song is basically a 10, so that’s worth something.


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