Heejin, Kim Lip, Jinsoul, Choerry win contract suspension lawsuit against Blockberry, other 5 lose due to different terms

Back in late-November of last year, it was reported that nine members of LOONA had followed in Chuu’s footsteps and filed for an injunction on their exclusive contract with Blockberry Creative. While the company denied those reports at the time, it should come as no surprise to anybody that they were full of shit, as members Heejin, Kim Lip, Jinsoul, and Choerry have reportedly also won their cases. However, HaseulYeojinYvesOlivia Hye, and Gowon did not.

The reported justification for this is the court essentially ruled that while the quartet that won had the same contract as Chuu (who also won her case), the other five had altered their contract a year ago and thus theirs were not ruled unjust to the point of necessitating cancellation.

Blockberry has only replied to the report by saying they’re checking on it.


So … now things get a bit weird. LOONA are effectively split between the five members who got out, the five members who wanted to get out and couldn’t, and two members that haven’t done anything legally. For LOONA fans it’s definitely a mixed bag, especially because this deals a blow to any hopes of an immediate reunion under a different label, but at least five members have escaped for now. Worth noting that this is all temporary, even though it obviously makes it easier to read the tea leaves on future judgments, and we shall see how the court case concludes.

Regardless, this certainly makes Blockberry’s denial that this was even happening look foolish, it makes their framing of Chuu’s case like she was the sole unhappy individual look even worse, and shows the level of distrust that almost the whole group has in the company.



Haseul has confirmed the report herself and said she’s not getting paid.

Other members involved in the case have spoken out as well.



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