‘Romance Before Debut’ dating reality show aims to give trainees a chance, reveals cast, has a Red Velvet theme song

ABEMA, the streaming service that I indirectly watch sumo on, announced at the start 2023 that they would have a new reality dating show with the premise of aspiring idols getting to find/experience love before their debut. The Korean and Japanese trainees will all live in one household together, and the eight cast members were recently revealed.

As Nugu Promoter noted, the notables for most fans are Hirai Momoka from Nizi Project and Ando Rinka from Girls Planet 999.

Obviously the fact that this is essentially marketed as the last chance for idol hopefuls to have romantic interactions until they’re like 40, and that it’ll only happen as a part of a reality show, is rather bleak as a concept. But this is where being a cynic has its advantages, as realistically it’s just about these eight idols trying to get more attention, like with most reality show participants.

Could be fun … could be a gigantic mess for them either now or in the future. We shall see how the show goes and if anybody cares to begin with.


Additionally, I was pretty surprised that they got Red Velvet for the theme song, putting their “Color Of Love” Japanese single at the end of every episode.

These types of shows do have a habit of low-key blowing up, so a pretty harmless chance for them here.


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