Taeyang guests on Suga’s ‘SuChwiTa’ talk show, where they show each other love and thus cause stan meltdowns

BTS member Suga had a special guest for the third episode of his SuChwiTa talk show in BIGBANG member Taeyang. Both of them talked about music, shared stories from their careers, and (mostly) talked about each other.

For me, I didn’t post about it immediately because aside from getting the rare chance to hear two leading members of their generation chit-chat, nothing seemed especially noteworthy to me. However, one shouldn’t have underestimated stans, as they are absolutely melting down over Suga expressing admiration for Taeyang and BIGBANG even though they both basically spent a lot of the time jerking each other off.

One part seemed especially triggering to stans, and the quote tweets on it are basically free entertainment.

The ironic thing is that if you followed BTS through their careers as a fan, this cannot possibly come as a surprise as they’ve been quite open about looking up to BIGBANG as a senior group.

Honestly, it’s just always funny to see stans melting down about their faves looking up to artists like BIGBANG and Jay Park. I’m not saying the reasons people have a problem with that aren’t valid, I’m just saying that watching the cognitive dissonance at play is rather amazing, with stans forced to grapple with the reality that the idols they projected their personalities onto have one of their own and that they likely have more in common with the “evil” artists they spent all their time hating than with them.


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