MOMOLAND have left MLD Entertainment, all 6 members choose not to renew

MLD Entertainment has said in a statement that all six members of MOMOLAND have chosen to not renew their contracts with the company.

After a lengthy discussion with MOMOLAND (Hyebin, Jane, Nayun, JooE, Ahin, and Nancy), we respected each other’s opinions and agreed to terminate the exclusive contract upon expiration of the contract period.
We express our deep gratitude to MOMOLAND who has been with us for a long time, and we will sincerely wish the best for the members’ future endeavors.
We would like to ask fans to show unchanging love and support to the six members who are about to start anew.

The decision is understandable, as the company squandered a rare chance at a non-Big 4 group breaking through after having one of year’s biggest songs in 2018 with “Bboom Bboom“. Since then, they’ve just had five Korean comebacks and none since 2020, though they did release a cover in 2021 and had an English-language collab in 2022.

They’ve also seen three members leave the group, including losing a very public legal battle with former member Daisy. With physical sales declining, not placing on the digital charts anymore, and the company seemingly not having any vision for the group, it seemed about time for the members to move on to greener pastures. Really would’ve liked to see what a different company could’ve done with them, especially if they could’ve kept them together as nine, since management was clearly a factor in that as well.


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