Quick Reviews: TXT’s “Sugar Rush Ride” is very good until it abruptly isn’t

TXT have had impressive output in the last couple years, and anticipation for “Sugar Rush Ride” was high in what has been a slow start to the year. Early on in the song, it certainly seemed like it was going to be the second single of the year for me to love behind funky guitar strums, an upbeat pace, and having a generally dreamy soundscape.

All that led to a spacey pre-chorus that slowed things down and seemed to be building to an explosive, addictive dance-pop chorus. Well, that never came. Instead, it throws a curve, and while that risk can pay off, this one was a particularly confusing choice. The drop is an energy-vacuum and the production isn’t interesting either, relying heavily on a whistle effect. It’s not helped that the previously fluffy and smooth vocals are replaced by this tryhard sexy attempt with a cringey heavy breathing thing.

After multiple listens, I found that the transitions do soften a bit, so you may want to give that a whirl, but in the end every time I feel myself getting into “Sugar Rush Ride”, the song abruptly hits the breaks and sends my love through the windshield. Hey, sometimes you go for the knockout punch with a twist and you set yourself up to get knocked out yourself.


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Thot Leader™