Lovelyz’s Jin faces backlash & forced to apologize after telling the truth about idols dating

Lovelyz are on hiatus after leaving their company, but member Jin is active on YouTube and what not. That recently got her in trouble with (deluded) fans, as she basically just answered honestly about idols dating in a Q&A video.

Essentially she just talked about how idols date behind the scenes, mentioning backstage at music shows and ISAC as places to meet, nothing we didn’t already know. She also talked about companies being strict at first but lax later on as their careers develop.

Everyone, no matter how busy and tough they have it, those idols who want to date will do so secretly. After they’ve debuted for some time and they become seasoned in the industry, as long as their dating doesn’t cause a huge ruckus, I think agencies don’t really enforce control that much. They just say things along the lines of “don’t get caught.” But as for trainees, as you’re in the midst of preparing to debut, I’ve seen people get cut [because of it]. Interaction with other idols is more common than you think at music shows. First of all, during the first week of promotions, as you absolutely must go around giving your CDs to other singers, there are some who fall for each other then. Or, there’s a time when all the singers go to greet the PD after the show, and during that time, the idols all face each other in a long corridor. They could fall for each other then too. Or, as the idol industry is really small, most people know each other through someone at least. I think it’s more common where one person likes another and asks their mutual for an introduction. And of course, there’s the one place that can’t be left out. I think you guys all know this one. [ISAC]. I don’t have to say it but it’s already famous as a meeting spot for idols. That’s right. It’s a place where idols can meet. They exchange glances or notes with their numbers on it.

People got pissed about it under the concern trolling guise of implicating either other members of Lovelyz or other idols in general, this despite the fact that what she shared is basically a trope at this point it’s been mentioned so much on variety shows. Regardless, she deleted the video because outrage wins, I guess.

Before I posted my latest Q&A video, I received questions in advance on Instagram, and the questions I received the most were questions about dating.
Since the goal of my latest video was to sate [my subscribers’] curiosity by answering their questions, I personally thought that I’d done a fairly good job answering [those questions] without crossing the line, and I truly had no idea that it would cause this kind of misunderstanding and controversy.
I was thoughtless.
Regardless of my intentions, I think I was definitely wrong to leave room for misinterpretation.
I’m truly sorry for having caused a stir.
I will delete the video in question.
Once again, I apologize.

Apparently the comments got bad enough that she posted on Instagram the intention to sue malicious commenters over the backlash.

Obviously I find no issues with what she said at all, and quite frankly I thought it was rather uninteresting gossip since it’s been known, so the backlash here seems targeted or something. People talk about their fandom demo being men, which I can buy, but also it’s been blown up a bit on female communities as well. Either way, I dunno, it’s bizarre that this is even a thing.


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