Poppin’Party (BanG Dream!) musician Masa Takumi wins GRAMMY for album ‘Sakura’

Japanese musician Masa Takumi won a GRAMMY for his album Sakura in the Best Global Music Album category at the GRAMMY Awards, the first Japanese artist to achieve the honor.

On his YouTube channel he has a short documentary on the album.

As well as a live performance of the lead track.

He has also produced for a variety of J-pop and K-pop acts over the last couple decades.

Takumi made his recording debut in 2000 as a drummer in the rock band Siren. Starting from 2003, he became a prolific producer and songwriter for J-pop and K-pop acts. He has since written and produced songs for such Japanese groups as AAA, Exile and Da Pump, and has worked with South Korean acts like FT Island and Kara.

Of course, none of that is important compared to his actual greatest accomplishment, which is working for BanG Dream! group Poppin’Party on B.O.F back in 2017.

While I don’t know much about Sakura yet, obviously “B.O.F” is the moment that propelled him towards the GRAMMY.

Watershed moment.


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