Asian Junkie provided with 6 ‘MUST KNOW’ tips for HYBE’s glorious and amazing NFT project, MOMENTICA

Apparently a bot or something saw my wonderfully glowing coverage of HYBE‘s team up with Dunamu on their NFT project MOMENTICA, and I’ve been blessed to receive a press release providing me with six tips I need to know!

According to the industry, on January 23, a total of 1231 video takes (referring to digital cards made NFTs in Momentica) based on 30 different concepts of LE SSERAFIM’s 2nd mini album ‘ANTIFRAGILE’ were released, but only 40 to 60 video takes were sold.
For $12, you can buy a ‘special video pack’ containing three video takes, but only 157 people purchased it. Total sales to date are estimated to be around 8 million KRW (~6,497 USD). Considering that LE SSERAFIM’s official YouTube subscribers are at around 2.22 million, the demand for these video NFTs among fans is only a tiny fraction.

We are delighted to share that since its launch in October last year, MOMENTICA – LEVVELS’ flagship platform for fan-artist engagement – has been a great success in providing a unique way for fans from 93 countries/regions around the world to show their support for their favorite artists.


To give you a better understanding of the platform’s features and offerings, we are pleased to share a story introducing the six must-know features of MOMENTICA: TAKE™️, Drop, Shuffle, Collect Board, Collect Book, and Artist Page.

Because I’m lazy, instead of mocking them all individually, I will just say that the six features are basically: it exists so buy it, you can organize them, and wait around for free drops, presumably as they try to get fans sucked into this NFT mess. Also, they say that other HYBE groups will get sucked into this further soon (but still no mention of BTS).

I know this post might be at risk of inadvertently promoting these NFTs since few people seem to know or care that they exist otherwise, but the fact that I was included in this PR pitch for them given my coverage was too good to ignore.


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