Lee Soo Man’s side of SME fight reportedly sent signed Karina photos to sway minority shareholders

As the mess at SM Entertainment continues to escalate, I recently was made aware of a report back in March of 2022, where Lee Soo Man‘s side of the SME internal war attempted to get a leg up on the Align Partners takeover side by sending signed photographs of aespa member Karina to minority shareholders.

Indeed, it was mentioned in reports last March.

More than anything, the news about the Karina stuff primarily made me think about how frequent shit like this likely is in private. One specific similar incident I remember being made public was an IZ*ONE fan’s rich dad getting him the chance to meet with YENA and take pictures with her through Yuehua Entertainment connections.


Anyway, I figure if this fight continues to get messier there’s a ton of potential for all kinds of shit to come out about the industry, so this could be worth monitoring just for that aspect alone.

Also, have a laugh at this visual.


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