Super Junior’s Heechul gives a non-apology apology for behavior on controversial livestream

Super Junior member Heechul got in hot water for appearing on a Choi Koon livestream recently where he drunkenly spoke on a variety of topics. For many it was a reinforcement that he held sexist views, for others they felt it was unnecessary for him to bring up other idols in his mess, and people even got mad at him for swearing and admitting to skipping schedules. Well apparently he got in enough hot water that he was forced to issue a non-apology apology.

Regardless of the right or wrong of my thoughts, I apologize for exaggeratively using profanity and vulgar expressions and for portraying double standards.
I am most sorry to the fans who were hurt by the controversy I made once again. This will be the last time this happens, and I will try my best not to be involved in any controversy in the future.
However, no matter how much I reflect [on my remarks], I don’t think it’s wrong to swear at school violence [perpetrators] and certain sites.

Why even bother? Well, I assume somebody with juice pressured him into speaking up for the sake of appearances. Either that or he just wanted to reinforce the point to a certain type of fan that he meant what he said but should’ve maintained kayfabe and not have been honest.

As far as the livestream itself goes, some of his fans are pointing out that the feminist portal he targeted are quite the fucking assholes themselves, and that’s very true. They are rather shitty feminists that are frequently homophobic and transphobic, are extremely gross about underage boys and molka against men, and start a lot of witch hunt rumors about female celebrities that have been debunked by even places like here before. They suck. That said, it’s also deluded to believe that men only attack portals like those because they are “the bad feminists” and don’t just hate the general idea of it or women at large, which is why you don’t see them uplifting “normal” feminist groups, showing support for common sense women’s issues, or stepping up to defend any of their female peers who have gotten into utterly silly feminism scandals in recent years.

It’s a deflection, not a defense, as all that’s aside from actually giving the benefit of the doubt to Heechul himself, who frequently signals his views through dogwhistle type of comments on any gender issue. For me, the nail in the coffin came via a self-expose back in 2021 that many apparently weren’t aware of, so I’ll mention it again.

The YouTuber in question apparently decided it was a bad look and hid the video or something, but there still is some coverage of the victim blaming stuff, and also screenshots that show even worse (even Google Lens will give you the gist).

If that’s what you want to go to the mat for in defense of then be my guest.


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