Super Junior’s Heechul under fire for alleged misogynistic comments (and other stuff) on livestream broadcast

Super Junior member Heechul is currently going viral, but not for anything good, as he’s being criticized for a variety of things but mainly comments regarding women on a Choi Koon AfreecaTV livestream.

As you can see, the hosts themselves are trying to shut him up and/or have him change topics, scrambling to put him on mute.

The reason for this is he basically drunkenly complained about a community of feminists, supported a controversial allegedly misogynist YouTuber, and went on a weird rant about cat moms. The constant swearing was also a factor, I’m guessing cause it was against the rules or something.

Heechul said, “I’ve donated a large amount of money in the past. But I kept it to myself. It was okay that nobody knew that, but fuck, those motherfucking people on ‘Women’s Generation’ online community were like…” 
As Choi Koon sensed that Heechul was about to go too far with his words, he quickly turned his microphone off and asked Heechul to chill out. 

For Bokyem, the YouTuber, there’s … well, a lot of mess involved, honestly.

The cat moms thing was just odd, honestly.

Additionally, some took issue with him speaking out strongly against the boycotting Japan, which is regarding the 2019 boycott and is obviously a sensitive issue.

Regarding the boycott, Heechul raised his voice, “When ‘No Japan’ began, I was like ‘Fuck that!’ I mean, seriously…”, then angrily went on about how he believed how stupid people were to be part of it. 
Before Heechul finished saying everything that he wanted to say, Choi Koon quickly turned his microphone off. 
He asked Heechul to calm down again, but he continued to rage about ‘No Japan’ once his microphone was back on. 
Heechul said loudly, “Isn’t ‘No Japan’ kind of some bullshit that weirdos on the Internet do? It’s stupid as fuck!”

A lot of international netizens in particular are downplaying this or even praising it, but considering it specifically relates to a ruling associated to colonization and forced labor, it’d probably be best for them to read up on it a bit.

At one point Heechul brought ASTRO‘s Cha Eun Woo into his drunken rants, calling him a real man and saying he was the type to get violent with school bullies.

Heechul explained how close he is to the singer, adding, “I’m so close with Eunwoo. He’s so handsome, but he’s such a manly man (literally translated as alpha male).”

“If you talk to him about school bullying, he would have cussed more than me.”

“I understand why he is popular, of course. He has an image on TV, but if he heard about a school bully, he would be like, ‘Hyungnim, bring that fucker here,’ and would have slapped him. He’s such a manly man (alpha male) who really likes to exercise…”

The “alpha male” shit unironically in 2023 is cringe at best.

He also basically bragged about missing Super Junior schedules cause he wanted to go a friend’s birthday party, explaining that he just made up that he was sick.

In a way, I appreciate Heechul’s honesty, because it’s good to get stuff out in the open. Unfortunately, one of those things was appearing to go further mask off about women.

Of course, every time stuff like this comes up, the fans will do the most to seek the most charitable interpretation possible, but the reality is it’s hard to give him the benefit of the doubt at this point. A couple years ago he was caught following an anti-feminist YouTube channel that did things like blame victims of the Nth Room (Update: receipts on that account). He also does stuff like reacting bizarrely to Honey J‘s story of being assaulted by a man, focusing on the importance of her giving the assaulter the benefit of the doubt initially. Just a bunch of small hints like that of what really matters to him. Basically, the mask was barely on as it is with his constant ‘both sides are equally bad‘ shit in regards to gender issues, so this certainly didn’t help perceptions of him.


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